Professional Speech, Language and Auditory-Verbal Therapy

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Certified Nonpublic Agency of CA Dept of Ed. & Authorized Health Insurance Provider

Speech Bananas' Services


Speech Bananas provides Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapy to infants, toddlers, elementary age, adolescents, and adults with cochlear implant(s) and/or hearing aid(s).

Speech Bananas provides speech and language therapy to children with articulation delays, phonological disorders, language delays or disorders, autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss, auditory disorders and fluency disorders.

Full comprehensive assessments and therapy plans (family oriented) are provided for a wide range of communication and speech development difficulties.

What Parents Say About Speech Bananas


Professional Development

“…We searched high and low for a qualified yet sensitive professionals to address our son’s development. We are so glad we found Speech Bananas! – J.S.

Therapy...and so much more

“…We have been surprised by how much we, the parents, learned from the therapists about how to carry those lessons into our everyday lives…” – J.S.

Caring for your kids

“When we started at Speech Bananas our son could only consistently say five words, now our home is filled with his sweet voice singing songs…” – J.S.

Why Speech Bananas


Licensed & Trained Therapists

Among the very best licensed and trained therapists & staff in the state of California.

Parent Participation

Parents are an integral part of the assessment and therapy process at Speech Bananas

Established Center

Certified Nonpublic Agency of CA Dept of Ed & Authorized Health Insurance Provider

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    “Behind every young child who believes in himself
    is a parent who believed first,”
    - Matthew L. Jacobson