LSLS Auditory Verbal Therapy

Speech Bananas provides Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapy to infants, toddlers, elementary age, adolescents, and adults with cochlear implant(s) and/or hearing aid(s). Each session is designed to teach parents and family members in-home support practices for the individual with their hearing device(s).  Additionally, we provide assistance and information regarding the inclusion of children with speech, language, hearing loss and auditory disorders into mainstream settings.

Speech Bananas provides individual and family therapy based on the principles of Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, Auditory-Verbal therapy and guidelines and principles for Speech-Language Pathologists. Family guidance is a critical component to ensure that each child progresses to his or her full communicative potential.

Therapy sessions are based on the needs of each client and goals are tailored according to progress during therapy. Parents are an integral part of each therapy session. Children are able to achieve success more quickly when parents are working on goals outside of each therapy session. It is the therapist’s job to educate, empower, encourage, and reinforce the primary caregiver’s ability to develop a child’s speech, language, auditory, cognitive, and literacy skills.