School Districts

Your child’s progress is dependent on a team of professionals working together. Of course, your child’s school is an integral part of his/her success. If appropriate services, including the type of therapy, service delivery model i.e. individual or frequency/amount of therapy, are unavailable through your school district, Speech Bananas may be able to join your IFSP or IEP team.

Health Insurance

Many health insurance plans provide coverage for Speech and Language assessments and therapy or Auditory Verbal Therapy assessments and therapy by a certified speech language pathologist or audiologist.  Currently, we contract directly with more than 6 insurance companies and are always willing to add more!

Private Pay

Speech Bananas will work with you regarding private pay options. Keep in mind, many employers offer flexible spending accounts. Families have used this option to pay for private therapy. It is your responsibility to investigate your health insurance plan options prior to obtaining private therapy.

Please contact our office for questions regarding contracting with your school district, working with your insurance company, or private pay.