PROMPT Trained

Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets

Jenny completed the PROMPT training, Introduction to Technique, a three day intensive workshop in January of 2010. PROMPT is an approach used by Speech- Language Pathologists to restructure oral muscular phonetic targets. It provides a systematic way to plan and organize the direction and type of treatment needed for speech production delays or disorders.

Through PROMPT, the trained therapist can help “develop an interactive focus/awareness for oral communication, use integrated, multi-sensory (tactile-kinesthetic) associative mapping for cognitive or linguistic concepts, and balance or restructure speech sub systems at the sound, word or phrase level.” Each phoneme (sound units of a language including vowels and consonants) has a PROMPT associated with it. The therapist gives input to all areas by using touch, pressure, and specific placements, thereby refining the movements of the speech sub-systems.

Jenny has found that PROMPT can benefit some children with cochlear implants and/or hearing aids. This method has been used when a child struggles with the development of speech and spoken language following appropriate access to the speech banana. The use of a multi-sensory approach can be extremely beneficial.

Please refer to the PROMPT Institute for further information.