Hanen Certified Instructor – It Takes Two to Talk

Jenny became a certified Hanen Instructor for the “It Takes Two to Talk” program in August of 2009. This program is “the most well known and most researched early language intervention program consistent with utilization of naturalistic contexts and a family-centered approach.” The goal of this program is to “empower parents to become their child’s primary language facilitator, thereby maximizing the child’s opportunities for communication development in everyday situations.” The three main objectives of this program are parent education, early language intervention, and social support.

What Parents Learn in It Takes Two to Talk includes: “how their child communicates and the next steps to take, what motivates their child to communicate, how to turn everyday activities into opportunities for their child to learn language, how to respond to their child in ways that improve language learning, and how to talk so that their child can understand them and learn new words and ideas.” It Takes Two to Talk, The Hanen Program for Parents, Information for Parents Pamphlet.

Jenny uses this evidence-based approach during therapeutic intervention. She combines it with the skills and knowledge she has gained from her Auditory-Verbal Therapy training. Currently, Jenny is not running the full It Takes Two to Talk program. She uses the coaching/mentoring philosophy, individual lessons and handouts applicable to the families she works with.

More information on The Hanen Centre and the It Takes Two to Talk program can be found at www.hanen.org.